New look, new start, ’nuff said.

It’s not productive to feel any of the following: 1) the burden of filling the gap by explaining everything that’s happened between the last post and today, 2) guilty about neglecting this blogspace, 3) turmoil about this space not having a defined audience, 4) the need to define this space’s purpose instead of letting it continue to be a mish-mash of personal and professional.

In meditation, whenever your brain starts to wander and you catch yourself “lost in thought”, it’s not helpful to beat yourself up about it. Tara Brach suggests we view each instance as an opportunity to awaken anew. Recognize that you are thinking, label it “thinking,” and start again in the moment.

Plus, your spirit’s expression is purpose, and purpose is ever evolving according to Chopra and Oprah). So no use worrying about what it is now and what it will be in the future. Today, I sit and write: this, here, now.

Today, I found a new favorite author writing online at Coffee in the Woodshed. To be lost in the beauty of her words, to be provoked through the framing of her thoughts, and to be feeling what her words meant me to feel…it inspired me to pick up my metaphorical pen again. Maybe one of my posts out of a hundred will resonate with someone as her post resonated with me. That is enough to be writing and publishing and connecting again. And I simply can’t get to “good” without writing “a lot.”


New look, new start, ’nuff said.