Lightning Strike

Lightning, recorded at 7000+ frames per second. Via Paul Pew on Facebook, who said “The cute little forks of the lightning search for the group, and when they find it, wow.”

My metaphorical mind can’t help wonder: is that how it feels when you find your life’s true calling?

I’m currently working through +Acumen’s Leadership Essentials Course with a small team of amazing people in LA. And I just finished a “Career Blueprints” course from ReWork about finding meaningful work that aligns with your values. So it’s where my head is at: do you wake up excited for each new day and the work you get to do?


Monday Inspiration: Real Learning

These kids didn’t just learn about standard measurements, they invented the ruler. The teacher gave them a space to explore, bit her tongue, and let them discover for themselves.

[Alfie Kohn video via this article: “for the love of learning: Stop writing objectives on the board” which is worth a read]