A Happy List

Marian Call is re-releasing her album, Something Fierce, today. I love it, I love her, and I love following her adventures across the world. (She’s very good about taking her fans along with her wherever she goes.)

Take a listen! Some of my faves:

  • “Good Morning Moon” will cure what ails you
  • If you need some courage, try “All New” or “Whistle While You Wait”
  • Feel like the world’s going too fast too much? Try “Coffee by Numbers”
  • Some good advice in: “Ina Flew the Coop”
  • Want all the feels? “Anchorage”

And don’t just take my word for it. Here’s what Wired and American Songwriter and Bad Astronomer and Wil Wheaton have to say about her.

As part of the album release, she put up a series of Adventure Quest tasks for her fans to show the media folk that her fans are engaged and awesome. This last one was as much for her fans as for her.

“Today I had a task for you about emailing your local radio stations and things, doing important minion-y work, but in light of some journaling I did on the airplane today I have changed my mind.  Today’s task is for and about you.  You have been doing enough about me, blogging and posting and all.  This one is for you, and for everyone, and I hope you will keep it.  You are important to me and I’m thankful for you.

Choose a Marian Call song title or parenthetical title from Something Fierce.  Use the letters of the song title like an acrostic; each letter in order will begin a list item.  Create a list for yourself of Happy Thoughts, of things you do that make you truly healthy when you do them — think action words.  List only things you enjoy doing, mind, this is not a to-do list.  The results should be uplifting, not discouraging, and should include things you already do often as much as things you wish you did more.

“Post the list somewhere you can readily see it, and try to look at it, in an affirming and not discouraging way, on a regular basis — try not to let it become invisible. Remember what you feel like when you do those things for yourself. Double Fierce.”

And I need this today. So here’s mine. A happy list and a self-care list:

Feel the feels I need to feel

Read all the books

Eat good


Be kind to self

Initiate active habits


Do good


“Human Sexuality is Complicated”

[via Kate Leth]

This video by Hank Green is so good! Seriously, a lot of pre-conceptions we have about people, the boxes we try to put ourselves in, and the hate that exists in our world stems from this one basic misunderstanding: that your biological sex + gender + sexual orientation are all linked together. When in fact, one piece of the puzzle does not necessarily dictate the other arenas. The video does a fantabulous job explaining the concept — complete with sexy infographics.

Here are some other related links & stories I’ve come across recently:

  • Ending Rape Illiteracy: The need for our culture & media’s definitions and portrayals of rape to change. Rape is rape…seems silly that there is debate about this, but our perceptions of violence against women are often too fuzzy.
  • Free to Be You and Me: 40 years ago, a bunch of feminists got together to release an album challenging the notions that boys and girls couldn’t be whatever they wanted to be when they grew up. Is it still relevant? You bet your bottom dollar.
  • Rookie Mag, or even better yet, Ira Glass’s “best of” highlights of why you should know about Rookie: Tavi Gevinson didn’t think the things being made for the girls her age were reflecting her experiences, so she made her own with healthy doses of art, humor, and feminism. Oh, Rookie, where were you when I was a teenager?
  • Perks of Being a Killjoy: A good discussion and advice about how to speak up when someone says something that you take offense to. (from Rookie!)

Rookie has a great series called “Ask a Grown Person”, including this gem from BJ Novak:

The Versalette

I was SUPER excited that my Versalette arrived the day before I left for my trip to Austin back in late August. It really is a great traveling piece, since it’s so versatile. I love packing light and am always looking for ways to pack lighter. You can wear this piece 20 different ways!

I’ve procrastinated posting this but no longer, since:

“The Versalette goes back on sale in charcoal, and a limited number of sage, on Wednesday at 8pm EST! You’ll be able to purchase yours here: http://revolutionapparel.is/pages/making-versatile-apparel

I really love my Versalette. It’s not only that it’s comfy and a lovely skirt that I wear all the time. It’s also given me a new view of my wardrobe. There’s something really fun and mind-opening about looking at a piece of clothing and EXPERIMENTING with it and thinking “how many different ways can I wear this?” And it makes me want to do that with the other pieces of my wardrobe — why can’t I wear this shirt as something other than a shirt? Why are my skinny jeans so determinedly single-purpose?

I imagine it’s what The Uniform Project’s Little Black Dress challenge did for many people. It’s how people feel when they post videos of different ways of wearing American Apparel’s American Apparel’s Le Sac Dress. I’ve always been drawn to purchasing a LBD of my own, but I’ve never really been a dress kind of girl, so the Versalette is perfect as the skirt variation!

It may seem impractical to have a whole wardrobe full of multi-purpose pieces (since having to be multi-purpose puts constraints into the design & wearability of certain variations), but how cool are these pieces from Les Metamorposes from French designer EKYOG??

As a slight tangent, this line of thinking has also given me a new urge to sew and make and create–especially after Mike unearthed some nice button-up shirts that don’t fit him anymore. Pinterest is a DIY upcyclist’s dream! Check it out.

[Dee*construction upcycles an oversized sweatshirt into a fitted cardigan]

[A cute shirt-turned-skirt with a lil bit o’ elbow grease]

I think that as the fashion industry evolves with sustainable-minded designers at the helm, more and more of our clothing will be created with multi-functionality and life-cycle-maximization in mind. It’s always fun to look at Study N.Y. collections because Tara St. James, who helped design the original Uniform Project LBD, always has some pieces in there that are multi-functional as par for the course.

And as the seasons change, I’m still experimenting with my Versalette!