Duck Amuck

Hehehe. This is so delightfully meta. I wonder if it made any kids wanna be a cartoonist when they were little.

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Curiosity’s 7 Minutes of Terror

Great video explaining why the landing of rover Curiosity on Mars was such an incredibly orchestrated feat of engineering.

Loved the diagram at 1:10 mark.

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Update: another video narrated by Wil Wheaton with a animated version of Curiosity’s landing that also clarifies how it worked.

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Adam Savage on Problem Solving

A good checklist from Adam Savage (of Mythbusters, special effects, and artist fame) of questions you should ask when solving a problem or getting ready to solve a problem.

Two key questions, to start things off among the many:

  1. What is the problem I am trying to solve? (Do I understand the problem my boss wants me to solve? Are we on the same page?)
  2. What is the big picture? (How does the problem I’m trying to solve fit into the bigger picture? Can I see the bigger picture? How are things related, and how will my piece affect others?)

Also, he alludes to the philosophical idea that all art is problem solving.

And he says finishing a project is less fist-bumping and more quiet personal satisfaction, maybe even a little sad, which reminded me of this article about how to combat the post-revision blues.

[found while searching for this unbelievable Mythbusters clip of “Bulls in a China Shop.”]

[ is pretty cool. I recently saw they had a full interview of Alison Bechdel on book tour with her Essential Dykes to Watch Out For.]