Technology changes our OS

[both videos via Brainpickings]

Technology changes us. As someone once said, those who grow up with a certain technology don’t think of it as innovative technology anymore. We no longer question cars or telephones or the internet. Yet our cultures revolve around these advances, and our habits (and language and policies and landscape) have been shaped by them over the decades. Similarly, babies growing up with iPhones and iPads won’t think twice of touch interfaces, content that responds immediately to their actions, or readily-accessible tangents of information. In fact, they’ll expect it.

There’s a little Luddite in me who is skeptical of new technologies and wishes we could be more mindful of how they’re changing us. Another more Zen part of me knows that time will pass, cultures evolve, and impermanence is a natural part of our everyday lives. And the optimist in me hopes that design and technology can help to create changes in our cultures for the better — so that future generations come to take for granted many of the things we struggle to get today.

In all of this, I still think taking time to unplug is helpful for increasing awareness about how you individually relate to and interact with technology. You will no doubt come back to it, and it may very well offer something new, insightful, or richer on the other side. The holidays, when we can take a reprieve from work/school, when we are busy with friends and family, provide a natural pause and an opportunity to take a short digital sabbatical, or to make friends with the Off Switch.

Or to simply say, “Goodnight iPad.”


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