Vanishing of the Bees

Trailer for the movie, Vanishing of the Bees. Explores Colony Collapse Disorder. Commercial beekeepers are on the verge of collapse themselves, and that has major implications for our agriculture and food industries.

Small ways to help…Plant bee-friendly flowers or your own vegetable garden. Buying organic foods, subscribing to a CSA, or shopping at your local farmers’ market can also help.

Sobering stuff, but necessary to think about.

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Cook More: Quick Tacos

tacos for lunch

After reading this article about veggie burgers + neurotoxins, I’m a little wary of my former quick-fix lunch option. I’m also reading The Kind Diet and deciding what to do about dairy and cheese in my life, since there are some compelling arguments for decreasing those foods in our daily diets (including hormones, estrogen, fat, gas, etc.). And I knew I had asparagus and cauliflower in the fridge, but I was saving those for some roasting in the oven, and time and heat factors make me want to save those for dinnertime.

So I was feeling the way one feels when you start hearing too many bad things about these foods here and those foods over there, and you start to worry that there is NOTHING to eat! But I didn’t have to fear because a look in my (fairly bare) fridge showed me the makings for tacos, which are quick enough to make for lunch.

Tacos offer lots of variety if you approach them (like I do) with the stir-fry approach. The cooking method is about the same, just with slightly different ingredients.

Quick Tacos

  • Put a bit of olive oil in a pan.
  • Add onions and cook til translucent, or browned, depending on preference.
  • Add chopped or sliced veggies (bell pepper, mushroom, spinach are a good default. thin strips of tofu also yummy). Cook, stirring occasionally, until desired tenderness. Season with salt, pepper, etc.
  • Heat tortillas (whole wheat, spinach, southwest?) over low heat. Make tacos.
  • Add pre-cooked/leftover rice and canned/leftover beans. Add salsa.
  • Eat!

The breakfast taco variation includes eggs and pre-boiled potatoes instead of (or in addition to) the veggies. Additions can include avocado and sprouts or cilantro and pico de gallo or chili peppers. You can of course throw on a bit a cheese, but it’s worth trying without first; you could save time grating and washing that grater. For meat-eaters, a little bit of chopped shrimp adds saltiness. Fish tacos are also very good using the above veggies.

The bonus is that tacos lend themselves to mindful eating. It’s hard to multi-task while eating tacos because they’re pretty messy. You need both hands to catch the filling that falls out or to stop the dripping juices. You can’t really set a taco down once you’re started eating it because it may fall apart. When I’m eating tacos, I have to allow myself to just sit still, chew thoughtfully, and enjoy my lunch.

And P.S.! Horchata agua fresca is easier to make than you probably think!


Audrey Hepburn
Robert Oppenheimer
Grace Kelly
Edward Steichen

Phillipe Halsman, photographer during the 50’s (man, what a star-studded portfolio), ended each portrait session by asking the sitter to jump, and “jumpology” became his habit. Nearly everyone said yes. Including Richard Dixon and royalty. Hard to jump and stay serious, ain’t it? Fun fun. Read more about it here.

[Via Checks and Spots via The Photography Post. Exhibit at Laurence Miller Gallery.]