C’est La Vie

Long time, no see, my friend.
Long time, no see, my friend.

During busy times of life or extended periods of transition, certain things fall by the wayside. If noticed, one can seize the opportunity to assess a life’s habits and distractions. In the past couple of weeks, we have moved to Hyde Park, and I have started taking classes again at UT to learn how to be a teacher. (Or is it just to get an EC-6 teacher certification?) The former move is a slight culture shift, as I have never lived north of the river. The latter move is a bit of a culture shock, as I somehow didn’t register that I would be taking classes with undergrads again—nearly all girls and nearly half sorority girls.

It has also been raining a lot, and Mike and I are getting used to our new schedules, new routines. My days are now filled with classes, reading, homework, volunteering, and cooking. Since packing and unpacking tends to place the “Type A” part of myself into overdrive, I am busy creating a workspace for myself and micromanaging our kitchen and food. I am determined to declutter, to stay on top of my messes and piles, and to ensure that we are eating healthily, regularly, and well. Mike says I’m on a roll in the kitchen: oat bran muffins, “everyday cake” cupcakes, garden veggie enchiladas, baked fish tacos, tofu/ bell pepper/ mushroom stir fry.

A good day is one that contains unrushed cooking time and/or being with children and/or time to leisure reading and/or hanging out with Mike and a movie.

So what has fallen by the wayside?

  • Music: I never made the switch to iPod, and my digitized CDs are sitting on an external harddrive. Furthermore, I relish the silences and the quiets during my in-between times—walking from here to there, riding the bus home, working in the kitchen, or simply sitting on our new green couch. (Craigslisted for $30!)
  • Photography: Without an efficient way to share photos, a reasonable way to store photos, or a legitimate reason for taking photos, my impulses to document are gone. (Some attributed my need to document as a reaction to grief anyway…)
  • Google Reader, Blogs, Surfing the Web: Most days, I just don’t want to sit in front of a computer any more than I need to.
  • Staying on top of my Inbox: Very difficult to motivate myself to read and write certain emails.
  • Friends: Which sounds horrible, but what I really mean is just being out and about, setting up times and places and occasions to see people, random socializing, etc. It’s hard work, ya know?
  • Updating this blog: Which is compounded by the fact that I had high ambitions for a new “I Can Think Green” blog as well. Check out the beta, anyway, and I’ll let you know if I launch for real.

I haven’t yet decided what the implications are for the items on this list. All I know is that it’s nice to live more simply. So I’m watching myself.