Art Week Austin

Art Week Austin
Art Week Austin

Art Week Austin is all this week! Some event highlights:

  • Bike around downtown with docents on ART RIDES checking out public art and Texas Biennial installations.
  • PECHA KUCHA NIGHT Thursday at ACL studios!
  • Chalk Mandala drawing projects, Shakespeare performances, and word art at ART SPACES Friday evening.
  • 12:19 exhibit at Austin Museum of Art — The 12:19 Project invites people from all over the world to chronicle a single minute of their lives, 12:19 to 12:20 PM, on any day of their choosing.

And oh, so much more. Check it out, and spread the word!

Citizen Schools Apprenticeship: Week 7

When we started class, most students had already picked up their folders and were eager to jump back into their stories. Meanies that we are, we made them pause and first do some round-robin reviews of concepts that will come up during the Wow!

I also got to show them our website space where they’ll be posting their scanned paper stories, and that got them excited. It’s a dash to the finish at this point with two more classes left before the Wow!, and there’s definitely some pressure to get things done. I asked the students to set some goals for themselves for the class period and to report on their status at the end of class. A couple enterprising storytellers are even planning on coming in during AIM time after homework to work on their stories.

There were still some hiccups during class, particularly one distracting student who could not seem to focus. I could not get through to him, and after discussing it with my Citizen Schools team leader partner, we realized that it may be due to his hesitation about sharing his story and publishing it for the public to read. It certainly can be a scary part of the creative process, and it’s one we haven’t addressed directly in class. We’ll try to address it in the coming weeks, along with learning to scan and publish online with the help of two of my friends—fellow creatives who can hopefully share their own tales of feedback and process.

I’m definitely grateful for my Citizen Schools team leader partner’s insights into the students. They know them so well from seeing them daily, and as Citizen Teachers, we can gain perspective from listening more. We can also learn to listen more to the students themselves. I probably should have asked more questions and tried a few different ways to help the student find his creative work flow instead of focusing so much on halting the distracting behavior.

For the remaining weeks, it’s a balance between giving the students enough time to work, keeping classes structured, and practicing for the Wow!

Our Wow! is going to be Thursday, May 14, from 4 to 5 at BookPeople. Come check out the students’ hard work!